LC & Catalina; macOS 10.15.x; Xcode 11.3.x; iOS 13.3.x support ???

Pi Digital sean at
Thu Mar 12 19:52:33 EDT 2020

Hi all

Thank you for all your kind words. Sorry, you said ‘no’ sarcasm. Oops. My bad. 

I had posted this originally to the dev-livecode list but I thought (accurately) I wouldn’t get a reponse from that. I’m sooo sorry (oops, I did it again) that this is viewed potentially by newbies. Although hiding the truth (‘forever’) is not a good policy either. Maybe one of them will notice that it doesn’t support the latest OSs/Xcode/Android. [Sharp inhale] Suppose they find out! Oh no!!

I’ve been looking around but I can’t find a rant-livecode forum or the use-livecodeAtYourPeril forum or even a tryToUse-LiveCodeButEndUpUsingHeapsOfJavascriptAndPHPWorkaroundsInstead forum. Or even the dontUse-LiveCodeBecauseItsCrashedAgain forum. 

I’ve been thinking for a while whilst reading the various support and ‘spanking’ messages what I might write. But I worked out that the only ‘nice’ thing would be to say nothing (as my dear grandma always said I should). But at some point something has to be said. 

I currently have a client breathing heavily behind me because I can’t supply what they need. And by now I should be able to. My competitors, they’re new suppliers, are able to. I would be trying to fix the LC issues with HTML deployment myself if I wasn’t so bogged down with the workarounds on top of workarounds that are so messing with my head. I’ve been working 18hr days for months. So forgive me for asking a legitimate question (ok, in mild rant form) on a forum which is the ONLY place I can vent to others who USE-LIVECODE!! Name me one other place where Only veteran users can go and vent with like minded pro users of LC and I’m there>>>>! I someone created one I guarantee it would get tonnes more use than this one albeit unseen by the LC team. 

Which brings me to the final point (‘phew’ I hear you say!). Someone asked what I thought I would get from posting it here. Well, as someone else pointed out, the likes of the CTO do poke there heads this way every now and then. Interestingly today, maybe by coincidence, the amount of git-pulls have been massive in comparison to the last three months. Hopefully this means they are indeed gearing up to release a fixed 9.6GM or RC for us to work with on Friday (their preferred release day historically). I’d like to think (for my own satisfaction only) that my OP pushed towards it but would be just as ‘happy’(ish) if they were already about to. Either way, my original point of posting was to get a heads up and vent a teeny-tiny amount of my current frustration at this current time which is just a part of the never ending circle of futility I find myself in. 

 Now, ‘that’ up there is what you call a rant :) I felt ill before typing this but feel much better now. Thank you all again.

I’ve re-read this to be sure I wasn’t abusive or saying anything unfair or unqualified. Sarcastic, yes, but not of the hurtful kind. I’m trying to make light of it despite the mild-affronts and my warm neck. There was no Attack on LC. It was a question of Why the wait and How do I explain to my soon to be lost client and pay packet to my mortgage lenders. I hope you all now understand. 

Sean Cole

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