LC & Catalina; macOS 10.15.x; Xcode 11.3.x; iOS 13.3.x support ???

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Thu Mar 12 14:58:57 EDT 2020

On 3/12/20 12:39 PM, hh via use-livecode wrote:
> The uselist is not a LC-praising list. As long as we have the freedom of speech
> everybody can say whether he is contented with LC or not. And nothing written does
> change anything*with LC*, also not your positive-only (and excellent) posts ...

Tone is important. There is difference whether the post is a discussion of a problem, or a rant 
against the team and the company. Discussions are useful and productive. A rant that attacks 
the dedicated people who are doing their best for us can cause some of us to become defensive.

For myself, it feels like an attack on my friends. I know these people, how hard they work, and 
how much they want LC to succeed. I also know that they are deluged with work, they need to 
choose their priorities carefully, and they care very much. To date, they have met every 
requirement that the shifting sands at Apple and Google have thrown at them. They need to drop 
everything else to meet those deadlines, but they do it. Of course, that puts them behind on 
other things.

These list posts go into a permanent archive where they can discourage others from trying LC 
well into the future; I see no point in making LC look bad to any interested parties. A frank 
discussion is fine, readers absolutely do need to know where traps may lie and what the current 
status of the product is. But sarcasm and scathing condemnation is neither acceptable nor 

Basically: be kind. Think how you'd feel if what you are about to write was directed at you.

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