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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Mar 12 14:47:21 EDT 2020

J. Landman Gay wrote:
 > I wonder if the crashes are a problem with a different OS (I'm
 > on Mac,) or something about your stack. I haven't had any debugging
 > crashes since the fix was implemented.
 > I know typing can be very slow on Windows but it
 > isn't bad on Mac.

I had an confounding experience last night along those lines:

I have one project I normally run under Windows 10, and I'd found that 
each time an execution error is thrown it takes several seconds for the 
Script Editor to finally appear showing me the errant line.

So I had a few spare minutes last night and figured I'd come up with a 
recipe to submit a bug report, and possibly even fix it if I could find 
a script bottleneck.

No go.  In a fresh stack the SE opens almost immediately, pretty much as 
it does on my main Linux box and my Mac.

So to diagnose this further I'm going to need to use my Flight Recorder 
tool (available in the Stacks section of LiveNet if interested), and log 
everything going on when the SE is trying to report a bug while my 
client's complex app is running.

Because the issue isn't evident on Mac when working on the same client's 
project, I'm pretty sure there's something in the Win engine that could 
use some optimization.

But given how it's only noticeable in certain projects and not others, 
pinning down the root cause has not been trivial.

This doesn't have anything to do with typing per se, but does illustrate 
how difficult it can be to pin down bottlenecks, esp. when an issue 
shows up in one projects but not others.

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