Problems with uploading iOS apps (german LC forum)

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Mar 6 15:41:38 EST 2020

FIRST: can we open a standalone is Xcode and gets details therein?

I having the same problem.  on Catalina…

Using Transporter, with the correct App Store provisioning profile

>> ERROR ITMS-9074:"Missing Provisioning Profile - Apps must contain a provisioning profile in a file named embedded.mobileprovision."

FYI, in the past the "Application Loader" did not care what you named the


You could name it "Klaus.ipa"   as long as you had the "" inside it, before you compressed it.  I have tried it both ways, successfully.

I tried yesterday… twice


compress | rename to Payload.ipa |upload on Transporter

same error

try again


compress | rename to SivaSiva.ipa |upload on Transporter

same error

My note to support was responded to with zero indication an answers.



My name is Rachel with Apple Developer Program Support.

Code sign issues are typically caused by an error in the configuration of local assets. We recommend checking the following items before reattempting your delivery:
1. You are signed into Xcode using the developer Apple ID associated with the app (Accounts pane in Xcode Preferences). BR: CORRECT
2. The bundle ID set in the Xcode project matches the bundle ID chosen in the App Store Connect app record. BR CORRECT
If you continue to receive a code sign error, please provide responses to each of the following questions, so that we can make sure that your error is not related to an internal issue:

  1.  Is your Mac used to develop for multiple development teams? BR NO
2. Are you signing an iOS, tvOS, or macOS app?
3. If you are attempting to sign an iOS app, which type of deployment have you selected (Ad-hoc, Enterprise, or App Store)? BR: App Store

Also provide the screenshots of the following:

  1.  The error message you receive.  BR Can do that
  3.  BR: if as not sure Xcode we can't send to following.
2. The Xcode project General pane.
3. The Xcode project Custom iOS Target Properties section located on the Info pane.
4. Your Provisioning Profile details as shown in Xcode Preferences on the Accounts pane after clicking the View Details button.
5. The Provisioning Profile details as shown in the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles portal.
After we receive this information, we'll follow up with you when we have an update.
For reference, your case number is 101039628315.

Best regards,

Apple Inc.

Hi Matthias,

> Am 27.02.2020 um 18:01 schrieb matthias rebbe via use-livecode <use-livecode at<mailto:use-livecode at>>:
> Hi Klaus,
> Panos replied already in the forum to MichaelS just yesterday.

yes, I know.

> It seems MichaelS renamed the iOS app to Payload (see MichaelS´s post from 21th January 20:03) instead of the folder where the app is stored in.
> Maybe MichaelS missed Panos answer.

No, he didn't.


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