AR in LiveCode Browser?

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Tue Jun 30 10:46:54 EDT 2020


No, mobile.  If I open the link ( in Safari on my iPhone, I get total interaction with the AR (Augmented Reality) object.  If I open the same URL in a LiveCode browser (native or widget) it doesn't open the object at all.


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    Hi Dan,

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    > I am trying to display and use an AR object in a webpage in a LiveCode browser.   It don't work!    Feels like the LC browser (native or widget) doesn't have access to the native AR features.   For example, if I open this URL in Safari, it works great! 

    if I open that url in Safari, the .USDZ file gets downloaded and not displayed in Safari.
    However I can open (and interact with) the file with QuickLook or even Preview.

    We are talking about Desktop, aren't we?



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