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Niggemann, Bernd Bernd.Niggemann at
Wed Feb 19 12:53:43 EST 2020

My previous post was accidentally marking a part of my response as quoting Ralph's question.

This is my response to Ralph's question about the difference between

styledText versus formattedStyledText

>From what I tested it behaves the same as formattedText. I.e. if you have
wrapped text in a field it will keep the wraps when transferring to another
field although the destination field is wide enough to hold the text
unwrapped. Of course formattedText is on raw text and does not include styling.

Whereas formattedText inserts returns at the wrapping formattedStyledText
inserts vertical tabs = ASCII 11.

Thus the number of lines returns the same value when using formattedStyledText
whereas formattedText increases the number of lines if there is any wrapping.

Kind regards

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