[macOS] Notarization, hardened runtimes, LCB, and executables

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Thu Feb 6 14:51:32 EST 2020

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 12:12 PM David V Glasgow via use-livecode <
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> I have to say that this fills me with despair.  I try hard to  write
> serious, useful  programs, for fellow professionals,  but I am not a
> developer by trade or training.  I have a full time job, which subsidises
> my time using LC
> The beauty of LC (and Metacard before it)  has always been how amazingly
> easy it is to write something genuinely useful and share it with others,
> pretty much irrespective of platform.  I used to just share with colleagues
> via DropBox.
> Now I look at an app I have developed and realise I have neither the time
> or technical ability to navigate through certification and notarization.
> Is this the beginning of the end for enthusiast developers?

I don't see a reason why these new complexities (at least most) can't be
hidden from most users. LC already hides all sorts of things from us that
we don't want to know anything about. Code signing and entitlements aren't
tricky problems to address, at least once you understand the problem. But
it will take time to do the research, design a UI, hook up the UI, and
write the underlying code.

Trevor DeVore

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