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Hi Jerry

> Am 16.05.2019 um 18:24 schrieb JJS via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> Beste Klaus,


"Beste Klaus" is dutch, german is -> Bester Klaus

Yep, german has a lot of different cases which makes it so hard to learn, sorry only know 
the latin words for the cases:
Nominativ -> Der beste Mann -> the best man
Genitiv -> des besten Mannes -> (of) the best man
Dativ -> dem besten Mann -> the best man
Akkusativ -> den vbesten Mann -> the best man

> nice that you bring this up. I am working on an app (changing a desktop version to mobile) that uses sqlite.
> And i was under a same kind of impression, but did not check out on the device itself further.
> (Because if i remove the app and reinsall it should come up with a question when a db does not exist.)
> But for android i use "engine and for iphone "home"

Not sure what you mean? If you add the files via the "Copy files" tab in the "standalone application settings" 
then they will be found in the standalone in -> specialfolderpath("resources"), which works on ALL platforms
and also in the IDE!

And need to be copied to -> specialfolderpath("documents") before we can use them, at least the database files.

> Is it also sqlite that they use?


> How did they check on the device?

He wrote he used -> Total-Commander
Whatever that is, I do not own any mobile device.

> There still was a folder or something left?

Sorry, he did not tell all the details.

> Thanks, Jerry
> Op 16-5-2019 om 12:20 schreef Klaus major-k via use-livecode:
>> Hi friends,
>> this just came up in the german LC forum.
>> A user wrote that de-installing an app from his Android phone did not
>> remove database files copied to -> specialfolderpath("documents")?
>> I always thought that this special folder is just a folder INSIDE of the apk
>> where we are allowed to write and de-installing the complete apk would
>> remove everything related to that app. No?
>> Thanks for any info!



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