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Thu May 16 13:12:44 EDT 2019

Haha dass weis ich ganz genau :) i did it on purpose as you know some 

Total commander is a File program which is also free to use on Windows, 
i use it all the time. In fact it's a program i think i use the most.

But now i have also Double Commander as it is available for Linux and 
MacOS too. It works a 1000 times better/easier/faster than any 
"st*pid/unusable/unfriendly" file program on Windows/linux/macos, 
because you see 2 drives/folder at one time, you can zip/unzip ftp with 
whatever. (Double COmmander works slightly different but Total Commander 
is not there for MacOs) Think of good old Norton Commander.

It's also for Android these days.

Ok i checked with a standard File app on the tablet i use for testing 
but i can't find any residu. Still it does not come up with the question 
i need.

I create the sqlite DB once it is installed the first time. It works ok 
in IDE, when i remove the DB.

Ciao! Jerry

Op 16-5-2019 om 18:40 schreef Klaus major-k via use-livecode:
> Hi Jerry
>> Am 16.05.2019 um 18:24 schrieb JJS via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
>> Beste Klaus,
> :-)
> "Beste Klaus" is dutch, german is -> Bester Klaus
> Yep, german has a lot of different cases which makes it so hard to learn, sorry only know
> the latin words for the cases:
> Nominativ -> Der beste Mann -> the best man
> Genitiv -> des besten Mannes -> (of) the best man
> Dativ -> dem besten Mann -> the best man
> Akkusativ -> den vbesten Mann -> the best man
> :-D
>> nice that you bring this up. I am working on an app (changing a desktop version to mobile) that uses sqlite.
>> And i was under a same kind of impression, but did not check out on the device itself further.
>> (Because if i remove the app and reinsall it should come up with a question when a db does not exist.)
>> But for android i use "engine and for iphone "home"
> Not sure what you mean? If you add the files via the "Copy files" tab in the "standalone application settings"
> then they will be found in the standalone in -> specialfolderpath("resources"), which works on ALL platforms
> and also in the IDE!
> And need to be copied to -> specialfolderpath("documents") before we can use them, at least the database files.
>> Is it also sqlite that they use?
> Yes.
>> How did they check on the device?
> He wrote he used -> Total-Commander
> Whatever that is, I do not own any mobile device.
>> There still was a folder or something left?
> Sorry, he did not tell all the details.
>> Thanks, Jerry
>> Op 16-5-2019 om 12:20 schreef Klaus major-k via use-livecode:
>>> Hi friends,
>>> this just came up in the german LC forum.
>>> A user wrote that de-installing an app from his Android phone did not
>>> remove database files copied to -> specialfolderpath("documents")?
>>> I always thought that this special folder is just a folder INSIDE of the apk
>>> where we are allowed to write and de-installing the complete apk would
>>> remove everything related to that app. No?
>>> Thanks for any info!
> Groetjes
> Klaus
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