OT: Automate Modifying a PDF

John McKenzie davros at bellaliant.net
Mon Nov 26 12:59:50 EST 2018


 There is no concrete reason I should be posting this off topic
question to this list but you all just seem like the sort of people who
would know how to go about a particular task I need help with. Previous
off topic posts showed good knowledge of programming ideas from non-me
list members.

 I want to automate the process of marking lines on a PDF file. Right
now a PDF is sent to my work from an airline, someone prints it out,
then using some rubber stamps to mark certain flight numbers. The
gflight number always gets marked the same way. So flight 3452 might
get marked with "LV" and flight 252 might get marked with "LVT" for
example. Then we scan the stamped print out and email the image to
someone. When you are doing it it feels even more stupid than it sounds.

 My goal is to automate this. Load the PDF into a programme or run a
script on it, have the script replace the flight numbers with the
number and what should be on the stamp. For example it would find
flight "252" and replace it with "LVT 252". It would do this for every
flight, then save a new PDF (or overwrite the original, does not

 Would like to receive the PDF from the airline, run the
programme/script and then send a new PDF back to them.

 I labelled this off topic because I am thinking someone will suggest a
python library or somesuch (command line script is OK) but if by some
miracle LiveCode can do it, great, I will do it that way and it will
become on-topic.

  Thanks for any guidance.

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