Strange error from iOS Standalone Builder

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Tue May 29 11:10:37 EDT 2018

I got this exact error recently(a week ago) when I renewed my development certificate. I deleted the renewed certificate and then recreated it, downloaded it and then edited all the provisioning profiles and assigned them to the renewed certificate. Deleted all the provisioning profiles on the Mac. Downloaded the provisioning profiles in Xcode. Then all worked again.

I also deleted all old development certificates in the Keychain app.

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We had our 3-year hardware refresh (sell all old Macs, enterprise wises and get new ones)

and I have a new MacBook Pro.  It still running High Sierra 10.13.4, just as the old did

I set up if iOS with new certificate / provisioning profiles

X Code 9.2. / LC9

Run my build on the new machine an got a code error I never seen before
Codesign wants to sign using key “brahma dev key”
In your keychain.

To allow this, enter the “login” keychain password.

Password: ______________

I tried my admin password, it didn’t accept it?

What did I do wrong?

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