To Sean - This was sent on Saturday but found the bit bucket

Lagi Pittas iphonelagi at
Tue May 29 06:53:32 EDT 2018

Hi Sean,

First I must say that I am  relieved that you are ok - and didn't do
whatyou hinted at. I also admit to being the perpetrator of the heinous
crime of trying to help "one of us" in distress. But no, I didn't send the

I did read your email to  the end btw - we do care even if you think the
world is against you at the moment! - If you don't have empathy then you
are a Politician or a Psychopath.

Before I start my lengthy stream of consciousness (ramblings?) please
accept the invite because gofundme keep sending me emails and I  do not
have access to the money.

Pride comes before a fall and respect isn't lost for one "failure" those
who love and respect you do for the sum total of your life not the
"failures" which can in many respects be out of our control.

And paraphrasing Roosevelt ...
"The  man who never had something go wrong  never did anything".

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people
who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." Dale

Please re-read what you said and tell me how I was to react to this.... how
would I or your family have felt  if "goodbye" really was goodbye and we
had done nothing ........

 I am £1000's down and well out of pocket. I will never
get it back. I have/will-have lost everything. I don't think I can come
back from this. My life is worth £0, especially to you guys. I'm like
abandon-ware. Your failure cost someone their life (not to mention his wife
and two boys who may well miss him but will be better off without him for
making the mistake of using LC and all things LC!).

Now my life is over. Worst Day Ever! Miserable. Rained on
and soaked through. Insurance doesn't cover for events like this and not
one person at LC or on here will be able to help me out of this hole. I
guess this is goodbye.

I might not have bothered except for the first  paragraph sounding so
final. it didn't sound like "shit this is bad". We have all  been faced
with a situation that seemed hopless and i've got that  t-shirt more times
than I care to remember.

#### TL;DNR -- Short version SHIT HAPPENS!!! but never give up.

The worst  was when I was in hospital ready to start chemotherapy and
attached to a trolley having a blood transfusion and trying to finish  off
a program/demo (on my 386 windows 3.1  PC "kindly" brought in by my
partner) . We were going up  against some rather large companies for a
demonstration to British Telecom the next day.
I finished the program and in the end the program that won the contract,
did so because it had a GUI (it was written in VB) - Mine was written in
Turbo C with a dos windowing system and a multitasking kernel (it was a
multline voice application with a built in mini Domain Specific Language  I
wrote). The fact that it would not be seen by ordinary mortals and would be
in a "closet" just working it seems was secondary to the eye candy.

When I got out of hospital I wrote a VB front end to it and got it
installed into the biggest Opticians in the country - great I thought the
big time. No such luck - they were bought out and my system was replaced by
one of the big boys - to this day my system has stuff
that none of the later systems have.

O well. Get another  system into a  large telecommunications company  -
programmed to do what they wanted - we were vying against Digital Equipment
corporation and IBM, - I won because I  I could do it in 4 months (I did it
in 3) and they said a year. It worked! They then gave me a new contract job
to do,  that  saved them thousands  - great I thought my meal ticket - No
such luck  they were bought out by Vodaphone and DEC got back in.

I could go on. I created a system for a financial services company bought
out by a bigger firm and my system was replaced by IBM. Did I give up no.

There have been more before and  since , there have been  BUGS in Borland
C,  Foxpro, TAS, Clipper, VB, Delphi, UCSD Pascal, AlphaSoftware  - but
that's what  you expect. I jettisoned everything and jumped in with LC - I
checked out and paid for B4A/IJ Xojo and a few others but I have to say LC
beats them all hands down but i keep them in reserve.

Ive been using 6.7.11 for my applications until last week when the
manufacturer of my equipment changed something in the firmware and the
com/serial ports wouldn't working. I compiled it with LC9 and all works now
- except it's 17MB file size instead of 7MB.

Yes the IDE is slower, yes certain things don't work - but show me a
language or program that doesn't have any bugs - here's one in basic - and
I'm not sure if it is bug free.

10 END


To speak directly to LC

I agree totally with Sean and Richmond and everybody else....  STOP ADDING

sqlite library
the stuff Andre goes on about - tying in the javascript ecosystem so we can
use LC with all those "free libraries"
the IDE lagging
Sound (not for me for the others that ask)
Bring Android into Parity with IOS

Your bread and Butter (LC) is Windows desktop business apps with Android -
not MAC and IOS -   - setup a survey for what the community would like as
 Mark suggested and see.

Sean I hope we don't lose you from the community- i've seen the quality
stuff you have done on your website  - if you posted a couple of times you
might not have been on my Radar - but to be honest I was thinking more
about your wife and Kids.

What if I had given up and died of Cancer at the age of 33 - I never
doubted I would live and in the end I believe it was my mind that saved me
- it was 20/20 hindsight but I've learnt a lot about Cancer since then.

My family would have been ok  I know - I have an extended and close family
 but the way you were talking I couldn't be sure - so I planted a tree -
you had done it many times before me with the help you have given the
community - you did it because you wanted to not because you were obliged
 to - the same here.

I'll paraphrase an ancient greek proverb .. again!
"The Real Meaning of life is planting trees under whose shade you do not
expect to sit"

When a man plants a tree he always in some way expects to gain from that
tree, Whether it be its fruits or its  shade. But when old men plant trees
they know in their hearts that they will not live to eat of its fruits  or
 enjoy of its shade. Why does the old man plant that tree? Because future
generations ( family, friends and community) will  be benefit from this
unselfish behavior. That is the greatness of a community and a society.
This only made sense when my dad wasn't here for me to say "now I

So please Sean accept the invite I sent via Gofundme at least it will help
while you find your feet.

And while I am at it (sorry Heather this isn't Religion or Politics or
 Conspiracy theory) I would suggest getting a book by Dr Andrew Saul called
doctor yourself and while you are at it  the book "fire your doctor"  (  I'd suggest all of you do for your families - you will
thank me later (no I don't want thanks - there are 2 people who listened to
me nearly 20 years ago when they asked me what to do because they were
diagnosed with cancer, the other 6 or 7 asked but followed the doctors' and
died in agony - ALL but 1 - although he did take my suggestion of building
up his immune system before he started on the chemo. And before I go
further -  your mind has more to do with survival than any Herb, Drug or
Doctor - <END OF SERMON>

Depression, Schizophrenia and MUCH more can be FULLY reversed via the use
of massive (and I mean massive amount of Niacin) and other
vitamins/minerals  - there are other things I've discovered over the  years
 that Saul doesn't cover. Learn about "tapping" (it's all free
but like everything there are people who you can go to that can advance
your knowledge very quickly but charge for their time).

Your failure cost someone their life (not to mention his wife
and two boys who may well miss him but will be better off without ......

Read that last bit again and tell me I over reacted.  I phoned your mobile
and your office more than once and no answer ....

If you were P**ed with LC just say that, not that your wife and kids will
miss you when you are gone - I took that at face value - as a Shakespearean

If you appreciate what WE as a community have done then ACCEPTING THE

Software is dependent on so much coming together that it's surprising
anything at all works, and if google had "pulled the plug" a week later and
you got the accolades we wouldn't be having this conversation - you
probably would have been on here extolling the virtues of LC - but that's
on another timeline in another Universe where maybe even the Geometry
manager is working.

Now I will go and play with my Grand Kids - they are staying over tonight -
couldn't have done that if I had given up!!!

To all, I apologise for the length of this monologue (I'm not good at
Soliloquys) - and excuse the Smelling Pistakes, punctuation and Grammatical
errors - I'm not Richard - but I hope to be when I grow up.

Kindest Regards Lagi

p.s Another piece of wisdom that has made life easier forget about "pride"
talk to family talk to friends don't keep it inside - how did any of us
know you hadn't told your wife or kids?

And don't ever think that everybody will forget about you - just think what
the world would have been without you.

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