how to clear residual garbage in a stack?

Brian Milby brian at
Wed May 23 11:32:33 EDT 2018

You have to go to the Object menu and choose Place Group to see all of the
orphaned groups. All I did to replicate was put the big field inside a
group and made it a background. I’m sure it would be possible to delete
them, but I would need to look for the process.
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> Thanks Richard.
> Disregard my nonsense about the EOF at 28KB, I misread the BBEdit output.
> The file did indeed have extra garbage after deleting all but 1 card.
> The extraneous data actually consists of the text of the background field
> from the deleted cards: “Lorem ipsum” occurs 2024 in the hex dump, but Find
> and Replace can only find 18 instances, all in the single card remaining.
> Very similar to the unplaced background groups left over as you reported if
> the cards are created by copy-and-paste, but in this case I created them
> with new card (with a field in a background group). This bug is worse
> because there is no handle to the orphaned text in the browser or menus!
> Note that I’m still thinking of this as a bug, rather than a problem with
> my system :-) - it happens in Windows as well.
> Brian Milby tells me that he could not replicate the bug in LC 9 if the
> cards are created with with copy-and-paste and no background groups.  I’ll
> do some more testing with LC9, with and without a background group and the
> two methods of creating cards (and on Windows and Linux). My guess is that
> compact stack is not working correctly in the case of deleting cards with
> background fields in LC8, and this may or may not have been fixed in LC9.
> Brian does also confirm the slow saving in Windows 10, in fact his times
> are much worse. Are there no longer any Windows 10 users of LC? (to be fair
> my stacks compiled under LC 8.1.x do perform well under Windows 10 except
> for the terrible saving problem).
> Neville Smythe
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