how to clear residual garbage in a stack?

Neville Smythe neville.smythe at
Wed May 23 08:11:36 EDT 2018

Thanks Richard. 

Disregard my nonsense about the EOF at 28KB, I misread the BBEdit output. The file did indeed have extra garbage after deleting all but 1 card. 

The extraneous data actually consists of the text of the background field from the deleted cards: “Lorem ipsum” occurs 2024 in the hex dump, but Find and Replace can only find 18 instances, all in the single card remaining.  Very similar to the unplaced background groups left over as you reported if the cards are created by copy-and-paste, but in this case I created them with new card (with a field in a background group). This bug is worse because there is no handle to the orphaned text in the browser or menus! Note that I’m still thinking of this as a bug, rather than a problem with my system :-) - it happens in Windows as well.

Brian Milby tells me that he could not replicate the bug in LC 9 if the cards are created with with copy-and-paste and no background groups.  I’ll do some more testing with LC9, with and without a background group and the two methods of creating cards (and on Windows and Linux). My guess is that compact stack is not working correctly in the case of deleting cards with background fields in LC8, and this may or may not have been fixed in LC9. 

Brian does also confirm the slow saving in Windows 10, in fact his times are much worse. Are there no longer any Windows 10 users of LC? (to be fair my stacks compiled under LC 8.1.x do perform well under Windows 10 except for the terrible saving problem). 

Neville Smythe

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