RevZilla (2.5)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Mar 26 14:25:05 EDT 2018

Brian Milby wrote:

 > I found a stack that used to work to provide a LC interface to
 > Bugzilla.  I briefly tried to get it to work, but even after I
 > could authenticate it just didn’t work correctly.  Has anyone kept
 > this tool up to date?

I'm guessing you're referring to this one, from Ken Ray:

IIRC last time I spoke with Ken about that there were enough changes in 
BZ to make updating RevZilla an unattractive task.

It's old enough that I don't even think it has an explicit license, so 
it may not be clear to others how to proceed if they want to try to 
undertake that themselves.

I think he'd be quite supportive of having someone else update it. His 
email link is available on the last line of that page.

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