RevZilla (2.5)

Brian Milby brian at
Tue Mar 27 05:35:01 CEST 2018

If I tackle it, going through the vars is probably a good way to clean up
stuff no longer needed. At first I tried to define everything but gave up
and restarted with the setting turned off. I think I did at least get it to
authenticate but data had changed too much for anything to really work.

If the code is handy, it wouldn’t hurt, but not sure if I will have time
for this project.


On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 3:12 PM Mark Wieder via use-livecode <
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> On 03/26/2018 12:05 PM, Brian Milby via use-livecode wrote:
> > I’ve looked at the code enough to know that any update by someone other
> > than Ken would be a huge task. I was kind of hoping that someone else had
> > already had the itch and scratched it :)
> >
> > It was developed without explicit variable checking so going there would
> be
> > fun. But it also has a bit of code supporting legacy Mac that wouldn’t be
> > needed.
> I did that back in the day, but RunRev's use of bugzilla changed
> drastically at the point where RevZilla 2.5 stopped working. There are
> enough things hidden now from normal view that it would be a major task
> to redo it. I can dig through the archives and probably send you a
> version that is explicitVars-safe if that helps. It was fun while it
> lasted.
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