[ANN] DGH 2.5 Beta is looking for Testers

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 18:20:51 EDT 2018

Dear LiveCode Users and more especially DGH Users:

A new major DGH 2.5 version is coming including lot of changes and features.

The list of changes would be to long if we have to be exaustive, so here is
some of the improvements we have in 2.5:
- widgets support in DGH template area
- dg2 properties support
- dg2 template actions editor (swipe, reorder)
- action scripts for adding, deleting rows
- action scripts for finding or searching inside the datagrid
- formulae and grand total for datagrid table
- custom datagrid table headers: checkboxes, multiline label, replacing
sort arrow icon by SVG Icons
- Possibility to change row template for any available group

PDFs documentation are already available for the main new features. Some
other PDF will come after the release, such as how to code the new DGH
parameters for adding/updating formulae, changing find color, having the
hand on custom headers, etc
Each pdf will have its corresponding Lesson inside the LiveCode website.

Here is the list of the pdf documentation we have, so far:

How do I Create Several Columns At A Time?

How Do I Change The Sort Arrow Icon Of My Datagrid?

How Do I Define A Button To Be Used As An Action Script?

How Do I Prepare My DataGrid Form for Search And Find Script?

How Do I Use Formulae For Basic Calculation Inside My DataGrid?

How Do I Use Grand Total Functions?

How Do I Create A Column With A Multiline Header?

How Do I Create A Custom Header With A CheckBox?

How Do I Create A Column Using A SVG Icon Widget As A Sort Icon?

How Do I Change The Templates For Swipe And Reorder Actions?

How Do I Use Widgets In The DGH's Template Area?

We need some help for testing DGH 2.5 outside of our development
environment. Ideally we will happy to send a beta version to users
interested to help. LiveCode 8.x or 9.x required, with or without dg2.
And as we are not native English, we need also some kindly eyes and
feedbacks on our documentation.

If you have some interest in DGH and would like to help, feel free to drop
me a note.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,
Zryip TheSlug

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