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Hi Dan,
I have been having similar problems with my Android Builds. I removed the TSNet Inclusion from my Android Builds and the problem still exist. I have tried both LC8x and LC9's and the problem still exist.
This problem seems to be sensitive to Android Devises. I have 2 Devices and my Nexus 7 seems to have the problems more frequently. It is running Android 5.1. the other device is a generic cheapy device with Android 5x and the frequency of failures is much less if at all.
I'm chasing GHOST here!

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I misspoke…  I’m not on 8.1.5, I’m using 8.1.9.   Is there another version you would recommend?


Hi Dan,

If tsNetIsSyncBlocked() is always returning true then a connection must be stalled.

The latest version of tsNet defaults to timing out stalled connections after 30 seconds.  If you want to stay with LC 8.1.5 then just add the following code in your application’s startup:

tsNetSetTimeouts 60,0,300000,60000,30,1000

The last two parameters of this command mean timeout the connection in 30 seconds if less than 1000 bytes per second are transferred over this period.

You can adjust those values to suit your application.



> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 7:11 PM, Dan Friedman via use-livecode <
>> Greetings!
>> I have an app I am working on and it’s working perfectly on my Mac 
>> and in the iOS simulator.  However, on an Android device, once I do a couple of
>> get urls, tsNet stops functioning.   I get a variety of results:
>> Previous request not completed
>> Sync request already in progress (most common) tsNet is not 
>> initialized
>> Also, tsNetIsSyncBlocked() always returns true.
>> I am using LC Indy 8.1.5.   Any thoughts or advise?
>> -Dan

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