OT - What linux do you recommend for older PCs?

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Tue Jan 23 11:49:13 EST 2018

> R.M. wrote:
> That [these issues] only is of value IFF you care about what the
> Linux version of LiveCode is missing.
> AND more people should be badgering LiveCode to get their Linux
> version up to par. 

The people using LiveCode with Linux I know (also seen from all the
responses here) have special characteristics

= they have a high level of scripting abilities
= they are also interested in other OSes
= they are passionate lovers of LiveCode 
= they are able to use LiveCode in agony without crying.

I use Lubuntu/Xubuntu on my Raspis and have moreover my fastest
machine running with Mint-Cinnamon.
But I work with LiveCode only on Mac or Win. Whenever I make a widget
or use widgets I try for several hours to arrive at workarounds for
the linux version. Only that is a lot of pain -- the upper limit for me. 

>> hh wrote:
>> [netbook] ... The problem is LiveCode: The Linux version of LiveCode
>> has essential bugs or missing features (browser widget, video, sound).
>> So I would recommend to install Windows 7 (and the Firefox browser).
>> I did it. Now LiveCode is working as it should.

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