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This sounds like a good LCG multi-part project - building a mobile app
version of the dictionary that you can mark up similar to the way you can
mark up pdf's and images.  Maybe you have a paint/draw layer that overlays
the dictionary for notes, illustrations, etc.

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> James Hale wrote:
> > For those wanting to read the docs in an i-device
> > Dash for iOS is FREE.
> > I have posted some screenshots on the forum
> > if you want to see how the docs look.
> >
> Really nice! Thanks a lot for posting these images, James.  8)
> I noticed that docsets use a few mySQLite databases and a folder
> with images and thousands html formatted webpages.
> I tried (and failed) to use this docset in Android, using the App
> named "Lovely Docs" but this unsupported app does not recognize
> the folder as a docset.
> Then, I simply copied the folder for single webpage browsing
> using HTML viewer in Android.
> Does exists a script that create a single index webpage
> (html with links) from all 3,492 webpages?
> Thanks in advance!
> Al
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