Apps or via browser using HTML5

Pyyhtiä Christer christer at
Wed Nov 22 03:32:18 EST 2017

It might be this discussion has already been on this list.

Recently I have seen and heard future views on the time of apps running in the users' devices getting past in a few years. This means the apps run in servers and use standard browsers running HTML5 and an efficient language snippets sent to the browser to manage the user interaction between the device and the application running in the server. Obviously this scenario is assuming there would be the de facto language, now JavaScript, to support it.

I find a few problems here. One is the devices will always have non-standard functionality, because the development of the world doesn't stop, further forcing the development of the interim language as well.  Second, your application will not be able to use the best features of the user's device, be it screen density, size, form or other jingles and bells, as you are limited to work to meet the needs in the most popular devices only.  In essence you have to implement your app in the server in a few versions of these different devices anyway.  Third, the bandwidth in comms is limiting the complexity of the displayed graphics; despite of 4G/LTE the operators have strangled the channels due to the fact they cannot expand the networks at the speed the demand is growing especially due to the growth of the use of streaming videos; this has taken place in the leading countries of mobile data usage.  Fourth, regarding the development of applications using LiveCode, will the most of my efforts go into maintaining the interim language scripts or putting the most of the time into developing the app of my great idea.  Finally, when would be the time LiveCode server would allow me to use all the API's, widgets etc what I have available at the device level today, and what would it cost to me to run everything in the server?

Just wanted to see if there is interest on this topic in this user group.


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