ArrayToJSON in LCServer ?

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My recollection is that for functions in libraries, like this one, you have to find the library stack in the IDE installation and copy it to your server then ‘start using’ it, in the case of a stack, or ‘include’ it in the case of a .lc script. (The former is what I’ve done, I believe.) I’ve done this successfully. The hard part is figuring out where the library is stashed in the IDE installation.



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It looks as though arrayToJSON() isn't included in LCServer  (*).

That can't be right - can it ?

Must be something I need to do - but what ?

(*) The dictionary for the array <-> JSON functions don't mention OS or Platforms.

My simple test script could be much simpler ...

set the errormode to inline
put "abc" into tA[1]
put arraytojson(tA) into tJ
put tJ
exit to top

and it produces

file "/home/ua886128/public_html/<>"
  row 6, col 5: Function: error in function handler (arraytojson)
  row 6, col 5: put: error in expression

-- Alex.

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