ArrayToJSON in LCServer ?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Fri Nov 17 17:57:04 EST 2017

It looks as though arrayToJSON() isn't included in LCServer  (*).

That can't be right - can it ?

Must be something I need to do - but what ?

(*) The dictionary for the array <-> JSON functions don't mention OS or 

My simple test script could be much simpler ...

set the errormode to inline
put "abc" into tA[1]
put arraytojson(tA) into tJ
put tJ
exit to top

and it produces

> file "/home/ua886128/public_html/"
>    row 6, col 5: Function: error in function handler (arraytojson)
>    row 6, col 5: put: error in expression

-- Alex.

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