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i am selling only one app (Mac,Win,Linux) online. I´ve used Kagi until they finished their business. Kagi was able to integrate 
my key generator stack into their order system. I did not had to run my own webserver.

Now i am using Fastspring. Fastspring is doing the complete invoicing and i get my monthly payout. 
My key generator stack is now running on my on-rev account. 

Fastspring posts the order information and some “verfication” data to a livecode script. 
The livecode scripts checks if the verification data is correct and sends the posted email adress to the key generator stack.
The key generator stack then uses the email address to create an unlock key and returns both, email and unlock key, back to the livecode script which then returns both
to the Fastpring post request. 

The key generator stack i am using was created with Zygodact from Jacqueline Landman-Gay. <>
It´s 99USD but it is worth every dollar. You have set up your own generator stack in minutes. 

I´ve created a Livecode lesson some time ago which describes how to use a Zygodact key generator stack with Fastspring. <>
The lesson includes all you need to get it working (including the needed livecode server script). Of course you need your own key generator stack. ;)

Using the steps in that lesson should you also allow to use any other key generator stack.



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> Am 14.11.2017 um 15:57 schrieb David V Glasgow via use-livecode <use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>>:
> I’ll step in to fill the eerie silence!
> Over the years I have made a few niche apps which might make a few sales.  Although I have created apps with user name generated keys, I have never got around to  selling online.  I just send folks evaluation copies or point them to a Dropbox link, and if they ask for a full version, generate a key and invoice via email
> I finally started looking at how online sales for desktop apps might work, and at different services.   If I could only find an e-commerce service I could trust, understand and afford!
> Why on earth is it so difficult to find a simple and relatively cheap shop window, that doesn’t require you to master webby stuff?  How does everyone else do it?  Is there a go-to provider?  I see that Runrev has dev facing web sales, but  nothing more suitable to sell standalones more widely.
> Also,is there a reason the bigger online retailers shun small developers?
> Best wishes,
> david Glasgow
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