Finding on online shop window for apps (was Re: Awful quiet around here )

David V Glasgow dvglasgow at
Tue Nov 14 09:57:49 EST 2017

I’ll step in to fill the eerie silence!

Over the years I have made a few niche apps which might make a few sales.  Although I have created apps with user name generated keys, I have never got around to  selling online.  I just send folks evaluation copies or point them to a Dropbox link, and if they ask for a full version, generate a key and invoice via email

I finally started looking at how online sales for desktop apps might work, and at different services.   If I could only find an e-commerce service I could trust, understand and afford!

Why on earth is it so difficult to find a simple and relatively cheap shop window, that doesn’t require you to master webby stuff?  How does everyone else do it?  Is there a go-to provider?  I see that Runrev has dev facing web sales, but  nothing more suitable to sell standalones more widely.

Also,is there a reason the bigger online retailers shun small developers?

Best wishes,

david Glasgow

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