regression bug: corrupt filename at open printing to pdf

Mark Waddingham mark at
Thu Nov 9 11:21:03 EST 2017

On 2017-11-09 11:01, Tiemo Hollmann TB via use-livecode wrote:
> Hello,
> LC 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 on Windows:
> I create PDFs with "open printing to pdf myFile.pdf". That works fine 
> as far
> the filename doesn't contains Umlaute.
> If the filename contains Umlaute 2 PDF files are created (yes 2 
> files!). The
> first file has the correct filename with Umlaute, but 0 KB. The second 
> file
> has a filename without the Umlaut (no strange replacement char, just 
> one
> char less) and the correct content. When debugging, the filename within 
> LC
> looks correct with Umlaut. When printing a PDF without Umlaute in the
> filename, everything works fine.
> I didn't found any bug in the QC, or am I the first one, using printing 
> to
> pdf with European characters? Is there a workaround, anything with 
> Unicode
> conversion for the filename?

If you could file a bug, that would be great.

On Windows, the PDFPrinter has to do a little dance with files so that 
it passes a file that cairo will open correctly... However, it sounds 
like in your case (perhaps due to WIndows version, or formatting of the 
target drive) that the dance is not working correctly.

We'll need to patch cairo a little to get this to work correctly I 

Warmest Regards,


P.S. For now, if you output the PDF to a temp file in the same folder, 
then 'rename' then all should be well.

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