TreeView widget - designed for general use?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat May 27 11:09:14 EDT 2017

The TreeView widget seems to do okay for the purpose it's used for in 
the IDE, but is it designed for us to use in our projects as a general 
solution for tree views?

If so, perhaps I should file a series of bug reports, unless you folks 
know of a way to work around these:

- Frequent "chunk index out of range" errors when double-clicking lines,

- Sorting issue when nested arrays may have one level of numeric
   keys and another level with text keys; we can use numeric OR
   text, but no way to different sorting for different levels.

- Scrollbar doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before except
   maybe macOS; on Linux the scrollbar looks nothing like the wonderfully
   rendered LC-native scrollbar control, and is also inset from the right
   side by several pixels.

- Any way to switch the disclosure triangle to "+"/"-" per the Windows
   HIG when running on Windows?

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