Funny pricing policy

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Fri May 26 10:20:37 EDT 2017

Well, this is very kind of you, although I do feel rather "funny" about 
the whole thing.

I was donated something else a while back in a similar sort of 'rebound' 
reaction, and
have obviously become even more the court jester than I ever intended to be.

The only reason that I would consider accepting the T-shirt (if it is, 
indeed, available) is that
it might do some good were I to wear it when teaching my summer LiveCode 
classes in June-July.

"to watch speakers in T-shirts"

Well, frankly I'd much prefer to watch speakers in T-shirts than 
speakers without T-shirts as topless programming
does not really excite me (although, admittedly, in the hot summer 
weather I have been known to do some
LiveCode programming in just my underpants in the privacy of my own room).


On 5/26/17 2:56 pm, hh via use-livecode wrote:
> It is exactly as funny as I said, no confusion:
> If you purchased the ticket before the first discount, didn't buy a T-shirt for 100%, and took the survey after that all, you get no discount.
> But you get an extra email that you get a free T-shirt if you sign up (now) for the conference. What a logic!
> I booked very early but I'm no longer interested in the conference, to watch speakers in T-shirts after such a pricing policy. No thank you.
> Richmond, I'll donate you my ticket, for free. No fun. Write to support, you should get also a free T-shirt now. Because 'your ticket' now answered the survey twice...
> Hermann.
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