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On 2017-05-17 01:02, hh via use-livecode wrote:
>>> Alejandro T. wrote:
>>> How fast is LCB working with imagedata?
> Would be great, if not too difficult to realise, to have
> a "do as javascript" here (which uses the js engine only
> of the browser widget). This is at least ten times faster
> with imagedata than fastest LC Script. See several recent
> examples in "Sample stacks" (and some more links in the
> Raspi-Subforum to extern servers).

You could access 'do as javascript' in a browser widget
from LCB - just use the 'execute script' command (although
there are places where you cannot use that form - in OnCreate,
OnDestroy, OnLoad, OnSave, OnPaint - just because they are
critical handlers in which you don't things to get shaken
up too much).

>>> Alejandro T. wrote:
>>> How fast is LCB working with transform matrices?
> Pretty fast and comfortable for transforming all 'small'
> canvas data (pathes, text, pattern, image-as-a-whole).
> I liked that after taking the first hurdles.
> You may test yourself with snippets or lcb files from the
> LCB-subforum. There is a lot of stuff for starting there.
> Or use the examples on github by Trevor DeVore or the ones
> by the LC-stuff, variants by BerndN.

The canvas library basically wraps our C wrapper (libgraphics)
around Skia, so LCB is only being used as the 'glue' there.

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