[ANN] This Week in LiveCode 82

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Mon May 15 16:55:43 EDT 2017

> Mark W. wrote:
> SrcCopy is identical to blendSrcOver - the latter is its alpha-aware
> counterpart. The engine makes no distinction between the two - except
> on groups where it determines if the group should be rendered first
> and then composited (blendSrcOver), or if its children should be
> directly composites into the group's parent. That won't change.
> In terms of notSrcCopy then there are other blends which do a similar
> thing - although in that specific case I'd suggest perhaps letting
> users set colours in the script editor would be a better approach ;)

I personally tried since months to use where possible blend modes because
of the "deprecated" mark in the dictionary and your and Ali's discussions
on github. But very often the wanted effect was not achievable with other
modes than the bitmapped ones.

The script editor theme was a discussion here some time before: Simply
try colour-setting-methods and compare to setting the ink to "notSrcCopy"
(what is nothing else than choosing colours by choosing the "reversed"
theme to user's current "light" choice in the preferences).

Also setting simply the ink is up to ten times _faster_ for long scripts
(because it uses still the compiled(?) engine colouring).
And the _same_ effect is NOT achievable, also not a 'medium similar' one,
with a non-bitmap ink. I tried ALL other currently available modes.

I have a big problem with accepting your 'a similar effect is available'
statement, that's too lax -- for example red is similar to blue and green
(because they have the same rgb items).

Some demos for 'the SAME effect is available' would be more convincing.

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