[ANN] This Week in LiveCode 82

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon May 15 15:12:05 EDT 2017

Mark Waddingham wrote:
> On 2017-05-15 20:40, Alejandro Tejada via use-livecode wrote:
>> Looks like Skia Graphics Library dropped support
>> for some features and LC9 will not show anymore
>> these types of gradients:
>> 'XY', 'SqrtXY', 'Diamond' and 'Spiral'
> These are back in - Michael managed to get them working again.

Good to hear, thanks.

>> and most of these legacy Blend Modes:
>> clear, noop, notSrcAnd, notSrcAndReverse,
>> notSrcCopy, notSrcOr, notSrcOrReverse,
>> notSrcXor, reverse, set, srcAnd,
>> srcAndReverse, srcCopy, srcOr,
>> srcOrReverse, srcXor, blend, addPin
>> addOver, subPin, transparent
>> adMin, addMax
> We're still on the fency about all of these - I do wonder how
> much they are used anymore particularly as they do not fit into
> the RGBA rendering model which everyone uses anymore and as such
> are incredibly inefficient. (They will never be acceleratable,
> for example).
> I'd be surprised if people couldn't get similar effects by using
> appropriate blend inks - if they are still in use at all.

I use some of those inks - glad to hear they're still working.

But help me understand: if not ink, what LC property was Alejandro 
referring to?

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