Seeking recommendations / suggestions for use of library stacks.

Ali Lloyd ali.lloyd at
Mon May 15 04:40:19 EDT 2017

One simple way to make this slightly nicer would be to make sure all your
initialisation happens in a separate handler eg (doLibraryInitialization),
and use your script local lock in the libraryStack handler

> local sIHaveBeenInitialized
> on librarystack
>   if sIHaveBeenInitialized is empty then
>     put the millisecs into sIHaveBeenInitialized
>   else
>     doLibraryInitialization
>   end if
> end librarystack

Then you don't need a separate library_reset handler, just call
 doLibraryInitialization from the message box. Of course you still might
want to flip it from public to private once you deploy.

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