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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue May 9 20:20:09 EDT 2017

Rick Harrison wrote:

 > I did some experiments and did get one instance
 > of rename to work properly.  Apparently I had
 > a permissions problem with writing to the folder/file.

Yep, most things with file I/O that fails are either paths or 
permissions.  Glad you got that sorted.

 > Other issues I’m running into are:
 > 1.  I’m running into some 32,767 array size
 >      error when trying to upload large images
 >      to the server.  Images smaller than
 >      the magic figure upload fine, and larger
 >      files over that figure throw and error
 >      message and fail to upload.

"array size"?  Where is that error coming from, the client or the server?

 > 2.  Where can I find the LiveCode tmp folder
 >      where the images are initially uploaded?
 >      I need the complete file path to that so
 >      I can move the images where I want them.
 >      Unless there is a way I can upload directly
 >      to the file folder I want?

I generally only use standalones on the server, and I handle buffering 
to disk myself.

Anyone here know if LC Server does that differently?  If so, where are 
those temp files?

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