Call a function on another card

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Thu Feb 23 15:54:37 EST 2017

Will this work for you?
dispatch function "myFunction" to card "myCard"

put the result into tResult

Parameters can also be passed using the "with" extension. Unlike the
"call", "send" and "value" handlers, the parameters are sent directly to
the target handler, rather than being extracted from the string used to
call the handler. This negates the need to surround our parameters in
quotes and also allows us to pass arrays

On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 1:32 PM, Peter Bogdanoff via use-livecode <
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> Hi,
> I’m reading on
> function-or-command-in-another-object
> this:
> put value("myFunction(hello, world)", group "myGroup" of card "myCard")
> into tResult
> I want to use a variable as a parameter instead of “hello, world” as in
> the page example.
> These don’t work:
> put value(“getPageNumber (tID)", card "MITA" of stack "MITA") into tResult
> put value("getPageNumber" & (tID), card "MITA" of stack "MITA") into
> tResult
> What do I do?
> Peter Bogdanoff
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