Reveal in Find on Windows

hh hh at
Thu Feb 23 15:14:48 EST 2017

I adjusted (uncompletely) the name to the OP's handler name.

Yes, you are right, the handler only opens the enclosing folder
(or any path item of such a folder path).

The purpose of my post was to second the "launch document" solution
for folders and moreover to add the linux variant for the ubuntu-
and debian-flavours (most Raspis run also linux).

I saw the "launch document" method for folders first, as a real
beginner, in an old post of Klaus in the forum.

For revealing/selecting the file one needs, as was partially
explicitly pointed out in other posts before (thanks for that),
specific tools for each platform. Some time ago I tried several hours
to find general variants but I gave up eventually because it is
moreover, within the platform, specific for OS-releases/OS-flavours.

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