Script Editor fixable? (was: Configuring a Sublime Text project to notify LiveCode IDE about updates to script only stacks)

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> going a bit OT here… I've dabbled withj Atom, Visual Studio and also long
> time ago Sublime… any reason you prefer Sublime?
> I still keep dropping out back to BBEdit.. but if I could find a nother
> editor that had comparable tools I would use it. So far, atom and Visual
> Studio keep falling short…

BBEdit was my editor of choice for a long time. I tried out Sublime Text 3
while working on some projects based on Rails and Ember at the end of last
year. I’ve fallen in love with it. Here is what I like in no particular

- Projects
     - You can configure folders/files within your project folder (e.g.
build folders) to ignore in searches
     - Define project properties (this helps with the communication between
LiveCode and Sublime Text).
- Multi-column, multi-row pane layouts with tabs in each pane.
- Multiple views into the same file. I like being able to work on two parts
of the same file in two different panes.
- Highly configurable
    - Language modules for just about everything under the sun.
    - Language modules can include python scripts which is how Sublime Text
sends messages to the stack in LiveCode that is listening on a local port).
    - Plugins for things like git and linters. I can commit using keyboard
shortcuts from within Sublime Text. I can also visually see changes to
files that I’ve made since the last commit. The LiveCode linter allows me
to see mistakes in my code.
- Search
     - Searching a project shows results in a tab. I prefer this to a
search window in a separate window.
- Navigation
     - See and filter list of all handlers in current view without leaving
     - See and filter list of all handlers in entire project without
leaving keyboard.
     - Quickly open any file in a project without leaving the keyboard.
     - View and install language modules and plugins without everything
leaving the keyboard.
     - Right-click on any handler that is defined in a project and navigate
to it. This works even if the handler appears within quotes (e.g. send
“MyHandler” to …)

Overall I feel like Sublime Text reduces friction while I’m working. I feel
like I can work much faster.

Trevor DeVore
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