[ANN] About the conference in Antwerp

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Wed Feb 22 08:00:47 EST 2017


Please note: today is the last possibility to register for the eHUG 
International Mini Conference on LiveCode in Antwerp, Belgium.

I have updated the website. Please go to

We're still looking for speakers. If you want to share your ideas or are 
looking for advice, this is your opportunity.

We're expecting people from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and 
Switzerland. Given the current location, Antwerp, this conference is an 
ideal opportunity to meet with other LiveCode programmers, if you're in 
the North of France. Please, consider participating.

The website uses PayPal to handle the registration fee. If this isn't a 
good option for you, contact me. Got any more questions? Just send me an 

Kind regards,

Mark Schonewille

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LiveCode language:

Op 19-Feb-17 om 13:10 schreef Mark Schonewille:
> Hello,
> Next week is the 'eHUG International Mini Conference on LiveCode'. The
> conference will take place on 25th February from 13:00h. until 18:00h.
> The conference room is open from 12:00h. The location is the Ibis hotel,
> Meistraat 39 in Antwerp, Belgium.
> Participation is only possible if you purchase a ticket no later than
> 22nd February. The tickets will be sent to you later this week. There
> are 20 tickets available. If you want to be sure of a ticket, you'll
> need to act quickly.
> The prices of the tickets are listed on the website. Additionally,
> non-alcoholic beverages are available for 6 euro per person. Coffee and
> tea are available from a dispenser (for which my apologies). If any
> budget is left, it will be spent on additional drinks or perhaps on
> dinner afterwards.
> Everything we need is available: WIFI, a beamer with VGA connection,
> electricity, at least one extra laptop, drinks, etc. If you have any
> special requests, just let me know.
> We need more speakers! You can tell something about your own project,
> private or professional, for which you have created a liveCode stack. If
> you use a different platform, such as SuperCard, Filemaker, HyperStudio
> or Xojo, you're very welcome to tell us about it.
> Do you think you're not so good at making presentations? Organise a
> workshop instead! Just show us how you work with your favorite tool and
> if you like, or if you can, invite your public to join.
> Please indicate that you're a speaker when you buy a ticket. You will
> receive a discount. A discount is also available if you buy the book
> Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner.
> After the formal part of the conference, we may have dinner together.
> The next day, we might have a social event before going home. We will
> organise this on the spot.
> I hope to have informed you sufficiently. Just send me an e-mail
> right-away if you have any questions and I'll reply as soon as I can.
> More information at http://economy-x-talk.com/conf

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