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Wed Feb 22 09:04:38 EST 2017

Frankly I would just take a look at the Unicode convention's guff:

U+2205 is a sort of "O" with a slanted line through it:

If you stare at this PDF long enough you might get a free trip without 
having to reach for the LSD!

This is NOT really the problem. What is the problem is whether the stuff 
"under the hood" in your operating system recognises U+2205 as the null 
set character or not.

I would suggest the "quickest route to heaven" is to ask Microsoft and 
Apple directly.

This would seem to suggest that Windows has not jettisoned all its 
pre-Unicode bumf:

While ASCII 00 may result in a null set character being inserted in some 
Windowsy code, it may not
be displayed as the "happy" slashed zero.


On 2/22/17 3:15 pm, David V Glasgow via use-livecode wrote:
> Hello, folks.
> I already posted this, but no response.  I have a bit more informations and new areas of confusion, so I thought I would try again.
> I have a group displaying a number of single character fields which can be clicked on to populate other fields.  Essentially a pick list.  One of the options is the null set character ( the O with a line through it, U+2205).  I have tried to find a cross platform font that displays it on Mac & Win.  I got some apparently duff info that Trebuchet would do the trick,  It is OK on Mac, but appears as the mystery character box on Win standalone.
> So I did some more digging, and it is listed among the characters displayed by unicode Arial MS.  So I set the fonts accordingly and again it works fine on Mac, but when I test a build on Windows, I get the mystery box.  This really surprised me.  I did wonder whether I might get the NUL symbol appearing as letters top left to bottom right (U+2400), but the no such character surprised me.
> I have never attempted any unicode jiggery pokery - is that what I need to do, and if so, any guidance?
> Best wishes,
> David Glasgow
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