Touch interpretation?

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Mon Feb 20 15:31:29 EST 2017

On 2/20/17 1:00 PM, Ben Rubinstein via use-livecode wrote:
> So I've started coding simple heuristics for when a touch sequence is a
> tap, a swipe, or a drag; and the next step is to consider when it is
> actually a two-finger gesture.
> But obviously the community has been there way before me. Are there any
> shared libraries developed to implement this? Or at least commonly
> agreed good heuristics?

Search the LC Lessons. I found a swipe example here:

but I remember some other lessons that also worked with both swipe and 
taps. Basically, if it isn't a swipe, you implement the tap behavior. 
There are also some lessons on 2-finger swipes in there somewhere. A 
couple that showed up in a search for "2 finger":



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