JavaScript, Browser Object, VR with Hotspots?

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Sun Feb 5 21:54:56 EST 2017

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    Thx for the info.  Honestly, all I want is for the example in the
    dictionary to work for me.   (and yes, the javascript causes the lc side
    handler to fire, but.. No parameters passed.)  I'll read through the stuff
    you linked and see what I can learn.  Thanks!

Right… OK, well back to John's problem: 

Passing params to LC

I think you are right:

"Basically, pass the value of to livecode as part of the
function call, and add a switch block that gives a message based on the
hotspot id."

then, theoretically just click anywhere on the pano should fail to evoke the last call (to be tested) 

If it does, it goes back to: Browser widget is possibly caching the last event params?

I have more than a passing interest in this.  could be very useful. Those going Richmond's "simple image in native LC control" path may be easier. I don't know how far you can take the pano model with a still image before requiring the software to tile specialized sliced images that are dynamically stitched for the 360.  which is what Pano2VR is doing  (and also Kolor's similar software).

it can be done… a bit of a hack here because the distortion is a bit more than what the human eye would actually perceive  but it works, would not require expense pano software… and if you had A number of these you could create a robust VR with just JPGs. Assumes some front end production skills to create them of course.

single image: 


he used blender for the stitching… 

only 243K… Adding hotspots and controlling the view with LC should be easy…


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