Converting scripts in stacks to script only stack behaviors

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Sun Feb 5 22:52:55 EST 2017

I personally don't like everything in one file.  I conceptualize things
better if I can think of them as being separate.  When I'm building
interfaces, I could lay everything out on one card and use groups to
show/hide the relevant controls, but in my head they're all still there.
In interfaces that have overlays, I am constantly fighting the clutter that
I imagine in my head.  The new PB, without thumbnails, just makes that
issue worse for me.

Maybe that's part of the reason that I want implicit typing and I don't
like explicit variable declarations - it's more clutter to me.  Even in
Trevor's demo, the folder upon folder layout gets to me as being a jumble.
I completely understand why doing things this way can be a good idea, and
for IDE components, I even tend to agree that it is desirable, but for
projects that are not live, I still want something cleaner.

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> In line
> On 2/5/17, 3:41 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of Trevor DeVore via
> use-livecode" <use-livecode-bounces at on behalf of
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>      With Levure adding stack files won't cause any conflicts. Each stack
>     is an independent file and the file that specifies which stacks to
> load is
>     a text file.
> BR: I must be missing something. in the video you show how the stack files
> of the URL Dialog stack have been set in the stack properties of the binary
> livecode stack…so if those changed, the binary is changed Y/N?
> but here you say
> "and the file that specifies which stacks to load is a text file."
>  If I am testing standalone settings then I do my testing and
>     then reset the file to the last commit.
> BR: Oh… I should learn that one (GIT newbie here, barely crawling)
> No need to stash the changes or
>     commit them.
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