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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Nov 20 07:34:54 EST 2016

"LiveCode 9 may still run on OS X 10.7, for the time being"

It does, cheers, cheers!

Having just invested 190 Euros in a 2006 Intel iMac (max OS 10.7) I am 
happy about this.

Personally I couldn't care less about "Official Support": if I make a 
c*ck up I'll take the

"highly-exploitable vulnerabilities": possibly; but on a limited budget 
I'm very excited about my "new" Mac, and as it is not going to be 
connected to the internet . . . and why on earth would a hacker waste 
his/her time exploiting vulnerabilities of an antiquated OS anyway? . . 
. I really could not care less
about them.

There is a little bird that keeps whispering in my lug that 
"highly-exploitable vulnerabilities" is a phrasae
that is largely of value insofar as it keeps driving people to shell out 
more money to buy more

as the cheapest iMac on the European market currently retails at 1,250 Euros

[ ]

and runs an OS (10.11 ~ 10.12) that has a GUI I just do not like
(Steve Jobs died, and while he went, arguably, to heaven, the Mac GUI 
went to hell)

and I don't have 1,250 Euros extra dosh, 190 Euros for a lovely, 
polycarbonate 21 inch
iMac that runs 10.7 (sits right next to my G5 iMac that runs 10.4 so I 
can dig in Hypercard
stacks and copy code directly into LC stacks, and use Appleworks) seems 
pretty good,
even at the risk of "highly-exploitable vulnerabilities".

As I often check my email and so on using Classilla

[ ]

on my G3 iMac running Mac OS 9, I feel that 10.7 is "way ahead" :)

This afternoon (Sunday) I have a load of hippy-trippy teenagers who I 
have, somehow, got hooked
on Livecode, coming over to my flat for coffee, coding and a look at the 
"new" Mac, as my favourite
importer (who has supplied all the machines for my school over the last 
10 years) has just got
a job lot (possibly a "Jobs" lot . . .) of 2006 iMacs (17 inch screens 
for 125 Euros, 20 inch screens for
190 Euros), and those kids would love an iMac, but are, in Bulgaria, at 
the bottom of the European
financial treacle well, I am very happy that I can tell them that the 
machines will work with the LC 8 series, and witht he currect LC 9 dp 

I have had reports of my Devawriter Pro screwing up on Macs, so I shall 
now be building my Mac builds on the Intel iMac rather than on the Linux 


On 19.11.2016 18:22, Peter TB Brett wrote:
> On 19/11/2016 15:13, Richmond wrote:
>> I would like to know why Livecode 9 has dropped support for all versions
>> of Mac OS before 10.9.
> LiveCode 9 may still run on OS X 10.7, for the time being -- we just 
> don't provide any official support for (or run tests on) that platform 
> any more.
> The development team has to regularly move the LiveCode build system 
> to newer versions of Xcode and newer versions of the MacOS SDK, so 
> that they can keep LiveCode working well with new versions of MacOS 
> and add new features requested by users.  Occasionally this means that 
> older versions of OS X won't run LiveCode any more.
> With a very small development team and quality assurance team, we have 
> to be careful to keep the number and variety of supported platform 
> configurations for LiveCode within a manageable limit. Occasionally 
> this means we have to stop providing technical support for running 
> LiveCode on older versions of OS X.
> Apple stopped providing any patches or security fixes for OS X 10.8 
> over a year ago, and it contains many highly-exploitable 
> vulnerabilities.  I *very strongly* recommend against using versions 
> of OS X prior to OS X 10.10.  If your hardware can't run OS X 10.12, I 
> recommend upgrading its operating system to Linux.
> You can find more information on our platform support plans in my 
> recent-ish blog post [1], and in due course we will be adding some 
> pages to the website that show the same information in a 
> quicker-to-find way.
>                                         Peter
> [1]

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