Which widgets would YOU want to build? [WAS] Type on an angle

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Sun Nov 20 07:27:24 EST 2016

I do not want to capture the rotation thread…

I went into more details on what is keeping me back from going through the headaches of learning builder at the moment in my previous mail. I think it would be a good idea to desribe what I would be wanting to build (well actually I want to use it, but nothing comes without an effort <g>)

In many of my UIs I need what I would call an intelligent combobox.

Just like the combobox you know, but reacting on the text input and thus filtering the otions being displayed in the dropdown, based on whatever you have put into the field part of the combo box. The whole thing must be skinnable. So it needs to be possible to style the button part with the disclosing arrow. I have implemented such a beast as a group. Works somewhat, but is very brittle. If you start working on the template you can easiely screw things up. Also, changes are not being inherited to existing instances. Able to live with that, but wishful thinking for a better solution. One problem that is not solvable in a good manner is the layering of the „popup listfield“ that shows the options. More often that not it dispalys underneath other elements of the UI if you are not careful. Also it is hard to make it behave as one would expect it to work. I would have hoped to being able to solve this as a widget somehow. Would that be possible now?

What would you want to create?



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