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The only widget I created so far is an orientable text with the
following properties:
- label
- angle
- font name
- font size
- font color
- font color opacity
- background color
- background opacity

I created it long time ago with the very first LC version supporting
widgets and have updated the code for following the LCB syntax
changes. I've stopped to play with widgets after this, so the code is
far to be neat but I can share it if someone need it or want to
improve it.

Where can I share it?

Best Regards,

On Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 1:14 PM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at gmail.com> wrote:
> I do ALL my graphics externally except for snapshots of textFields.
> To turn a textField should be no more complicated than:
> 1. export snapshot of textField (border? backGroundColor? textColor? font?),
> 2. rotate it in graphics package of choice (GIMP, Photoshop, etc.),
> 3. import into stack as an image.
> Typing "at an angle" is probably more trouble than it's worth in terms of
> developer
> time.
> Richmond.
> On 20.11.2016 14:07, Malte Brill wrote:
>> Sorry for hijacking the thread...
>> TL/DR: Do we have Text input into widgets? How can we get our feet wet
>> easier with that stuff?
>> ———
>> Richard wrote:
>>> I have maybe two apps across all my computing devices that let me edit
>>> rotated text, but I have dozens that display text in a variety of
>>> formats (date, phone number, currency, etc.).
>> Well, if we had a means of textinput inside a widget, this would be easy
>> enough to implement I guess, I may just have overlooked it if it exists.
>> Is text input into a widget possible right now? If so, where do I find
>> documentation on that?  If not is that on the roadmap?
>> I would be really interested going there. Frankly, the first widget that
>> peeked my interest was the calendar that was posted by Bernd. I follow what
>> Herrmann does, but still for what I would need / want to do, I would require
>> a means of keyboard input into the widget.
>> Of course it is possible to code your way around this using what we have
>> right now. A field and making clever use of the message path. This has not
>> gone away (yet). However for me widgets appeared as the way forward to
>> creating custom objects that appear as ONE object to the engine instead of
>> using groups, which are frankly a tad bit brittle as it stands. Oh how often
>> have I screwed up a template group I created that then should have been
>> cloned into a dynamically created UI. Headaches I would have hoped to save
>> myself from with widgets by now.
>> I still do not see builder being at the point where it might be usefull
>> for me. Still in the interim. Still too early. Still not enough learning
>> material on how to get your feet wet with this stuff. Creating a pink circle
>> is good. What are the next steps? I miss easy to follow tutorials to find
>> that information! What is in the Roadmap and expected to arrive when? Those
>> are the questions that keep me from being bothered looking into that stuff
>> yet. I trust myself that I could contribute one widget or the other to the
>> community if it was easier to find the hows! This is not meant as a rant. I
>> still considder the transition to next gen LiveCode to be in progress. That
>> is fine. It looks like it is getting somewhere. Still, and I hope you do not
>> mind me saying that, I considder everything that followed 6.x being interims
>> versions that needed to be released to keep the userbase from tapping their
>> feet too much and keep the boat afloat financially. That is ok for me. Some
>> of the new stuff is really useful already but it comes for a price. LC is
>> not yet in a state of optimization. Pet peeve, benchmarking, but we had that
>> already. Fact is my apps got a whole lot slower with 7 and 8 compared to 5.x
>> and 6.x.. Upside is that this exposed quite a few places where my scripts
>> were inefficient. Doing my part in fixing my stuff. This makes it tolarable
>> in 7 and 8, but the petty is, blazingly fast in 5 / 6. I would rather see
>> stuff we have now being optimized and in turn live with a slower path of Dev
>> releases, which frankly I do not get around testing much anyways these days.
>> Once I find the time to test 8.X 8.Z is released already. I then run my
>> benchmarking on the areas I know affect my apps, see not much of a change
>> there, shrug it off and go back to daily business.This is not yet the next
>> gen livecode I have been kissing in my dreams. It might become it once it
>> matures, but for now I think it still needs to go out a bit and play on the
>> lawn, before I can ask it on a date. ;-)
>> Cheers,
>> Malte
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