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Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Thu May 26 03:05:00 CEST 2016

And Richmond you aren't Steve either, your distortion reality field
only extends to you.

So no matter how often you try to completely distort reality, it isn't
working. Your statement about LC EOLing the AB is a straight out
misrepresentation of the facts which you are fully aware of because
you participated in a recent long thread about the AB in which:

Peter Brett stated on 26Nov15:

>*Everything* shipped with LiveCode is supported.  If we don't intend to support it, we don't ship it.

Which seems pretty clear but you Richmond replied that you interpreted
this statement as a indication that LC had 'downgraded' the
Application Browser.

Mark Weider on 27Nov15:
>Actually, I don't see that as a downgrade at all.
>Making it a plugin allows it to be more malleable, fixable, replaceable. Taking it out
>of the IDE hierarchy should give us more options to work on the Application
>Browser. Since the team wants to do other things, it's up to the community to fix the
>AB, and making it a plugin makes it easier to do so.

Which didn't seem to penetrate your distortion field as you Richmond concluded:

>Aah, so the team isn't going to bother to listen to the Community because it wants to
>do other things; so it is chucking the Application Browser out to grass.

So this is where you and only you have concluded that the AB is EOL.

You also wrote:

>Makes me wonder, again, again, about that word: "community".

So yes, if YOU as part of the community are completely unprepared to
modify/improve the AB, then it may remain stagnant, AND if YOU decide
to take the AB out of the Plugins folder and place it in the Trash
then yes, in YOUR world the AB is EOL.

So here's my distorted version of reality. If no one from the
community touches the AB, then it must be PERFECT and so it'll remain
in the Plugins Folder forever. How lucky we are!

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