Windows registry functions

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue May 24 13:06:42 EDT 2016

In working in LC 6.7.11 under Windows 8.1 today, I discovered that  the
setRegistry function would not make a new key in the registry. It turned
out that was because for the function to work, the application
(LiveCode/IDE or a Standalone) must Run as Administrator, so restarting
LiveCode 6.7.11 running with admin privs let me continue developing in
the IDE.

My question to the community and any LiveCode folks on the list who may
know is:

Is there a way in a script to temporarily set Admin privs under Windows
to then set a registry entry via SetRegistry and the unset admin privs?

OR is the only way to set a registry entry is by going to Standalone
Application Settings... > Windows > UAC Execution Level and setting it
from "Default" to "Require Administrator" for a standalone OR running
LiveCode as Admin for testing setRegistry code in the IDE?

I really hope there is some trick that allows the former, rather than
the latter being the only options.

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