Custom URL - urlWakeUp

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue May 24 18:06:48 EDT 2016

This mysterious entry in the dictionary comes with no examples.  It's cousin


is also related.

I searched for both of these terms and also "Custom URL Scheme"  in the User Guide and came with "No Entries Found" in the PDF.

The Custom URL Scheme is a blank field in the StandAlone settings.

Can anyone point me to deeper documentation?

and/or examples

1)    What is a sample "URL Name" that you might put into the "Custom URL Scheme"

2)    What does a custom URL that one app might use to awaken (and pass a param to) another app look like?

3)    Is the idea that one could have a small eco-system of different apps that related to each other, be separate standalones on the device and then one could invoke the other? and even go to a specific card in the other? (assuming the "other" app traps urlWakeUp pSomeParam and does what you want,)

4)    what does a script look like that uses it (in app A that invokes app B)

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