Problems with Xcode

martin meili bmmeili at
Fri May 20 13:35:07 EDT 2016

Hi there
I hope somebody of you pros can help me:

What is wrong here?

When trying putting together my app for my iphone 4 by the help of „Save as Standalone application……“ there’s popping up the message: „linking for arm (arm7) failed with xcrun: error: active developer  path („Applications/“) does not exist, use xcode-select to change“.
If I look at the package contents of Xcode so I can find this missing folder „Developer“; but inside there, there must be missing something ………

iMac 3.06 Ghz
OSX 10.9.5
Xcode 6.2

LiveCode 7.1.3
Settings „Mobile Support": green square / Available device SDKs: 8.2 / Available simulators 8.2

My little game-app is running without any problems in the iOS 8.2. Simulator, but when creating the standalone ……


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