LiveCode Server Linux 64 -- Exiting on "signal 11"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri May 13 00:17:42 EDT 2016

Richard Gaskin wrote:
 > Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami:
 >> A desktop client that calls API's on the web server works in LC 7,
 >> is failing under LC 8 server. Some handler in one of our API scripts
 >> on the web server is triggering a "fault" in LC8 64 bit for linux,
 >> that does not exist in LC7…
 > I also saw this and reported it.  It only affects LC when running on
 > faceless systems; LC Server running under Apache on a system that has
 > a GUI doesn't exhibit the behavior.
 > IIRC the bug was fixed very recently, but oddly enough I can't find
 > it in the bug DB now.

Bad search - found it:

It's marked as Resolved Fixed for 8.0GM - is your server still running DP16?

It may also be a separate issue, as our recipes differ slightly.

If you still see this after confirming 8.0 GM, please submit a report 
for that.

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