RM richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue May 10 16:33:55 EDT 2016

Well, here I am reading my "Revolution 1.1.1" User Guide because when I was
soaking in a nice hot bath (an excellent location for thinking about 
I suddenly thought of a "problem", which, on reflection congealed around the
term "Wildcard".

Now in the "Revolution 1.1.1" User Guide, page 374 it has this to say:

A symbol that stands for one or more characters.

Which made me think I was back in the bath-tub staring at my navel.

Couldn't find anything else anywhere at all.

Now I was merrily imagining a stack where a source "spat out" new images
every 10 seconds and called them T1, T2, T3 . . . . and so on, theoretically
for ever, and a "gobbler" (meaning another image) chasing these images and
messing around with "intersect" as one does.

That, Ding-An-Sich, should not be all that hard.

But the code would be a pain-in-the-bum without a wildcard character.

HOWEVER, I cannot, for the life of me, find out which character IS the
wildcard character in Livecode.

I DON'T want to use Regex as I want to use this with kiddos in
their elementary progging classes this summer.

ALL I can find are refs to matchChunk and matchText.

Now what I need is a way to do this sort of thing:

on arrowkey AK
   if AK = "left" then
    put item 1 of the loc of img "Gobbler" into G1
    put item 2 of the loc of img "Gobbler" into G2
    put (G1 - 10) into G1
     move img "Gobbler" to G1, G2
  end if
  ---more of the same with "right", "up", and "down"
  if intersect(img "Gobbler", img "T#") then
    --do something boring
end if

where "#" is the wildcard character.


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